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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Great fun designing this washboard...It includes my grandma's snuff can with her snuff inside, two tin cans, a wooden block, wooden whistle, a tin bottle that holds the emptied 20-gauge shotgun shells and they stay on your fingers better than anything else that I have found.  "Washboard Chaz" gave me some ideas...He is one of the best washboard players in the whole U.S.A.   On one side of the washboard, there are, red white and blue streamers and a pin that says, "Gone, but not forgotten".  Small flags are displayed on each side.....The name "Potliquor" is painted on the top......My cousin, Billy Freeman, gave me this washboard and in his honor, I named it "Potliquor"...Would you like to know how he got his nickname?   I thought you would!!!!! When he was a little boy, his mother would cook collards and turnips and he liked to drink the juice or "potliquor" from from the pot.  The "washboard" gets a lot of attention, when I begin to play it...I watch people in the audience sit up and look, because you don't see that many washboards being played.

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  1. Hello you woman of many talents! I love it a story behind every piece...Martha you are something else. Thank you so much for sharing.