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Sunday, April 29, 2012



I want to share with you a special piece of furniture that I have enjoyed for 45 years.  When I would play the organ, one of my children would get on the floor and push the pedals of the organ, so that I could play it.  When I was a child, age 5, I had the dreaded virus, polio, which left my right foot weak.  God is so merciful for bringing me through with victory. This is a beautiful oak antique pump organ...72 inches high..I helped to refinish this organ and all of the felt under the keys was replaced.   It has been a favorite conversation piece, when folks come to visit.
Between 1840-1930, there were approximately 600 pump organ manufacturers in the U. S., such as the Estey Organ Manufacturies, Brattleboro, Vermont. Most of these factories were located in the north.
This is probably understandable as much as the south was still trying to recover ravages of four, tragic years of Civil War(1861-18654).  Plus the fact, that the south didn't have the abundances of hard wood that the north had.  For the most part, just about all pump organs were built with either oak wood or walnut.
In it's day, the pump organ industry employed tens of thousands of workers.  However, unlike the other musical instruments that have been around for a long time, the pump organ enjoyed only a brief period of popularity (less than a century) and then they were gone....internet information...

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