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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Grandma's Kitchen Table"


Some of my favorite memories are sitting at grandma's wooden kitchen table.  The table included four wooden chairs that she 
 painted red.
"Grandma's kitchen chair and apron"

"My grandmother, Agnes Freeman Garner"
During breakfast, in her "outen" gown and long curly hair flowing, she would sip hot coffee and read the "Timmonsvulle Times".  We would enjoy a tasty breakfast which included grits, eggs, ham and fried toast with homemade jam on top . 
The table had many uses:  family conferences, laughter, tears, prayers, memories, ironing board, folding clothes, cutting out dresses, a place to use the sewing machine, sitting canned vegetables, fruit, jams and jellies to cool, playing games,  etc.  Underneath the table there was a "world of pretend", playhouses and tents...
On top of the table was salt, pepper, sugar and a jar of pickled peppers that were used on collards and turnip greens with cornmeal dumplings and of course, a big hunk of fatback or hamhocks were used for their seasoning!    Best tasting in the whole world!
Most everyone who came for a visit would make a "bee-line" to grandma's kitchen table....Her smile and love flowed in that little kitchen.. She always had delicous treats waiting for them to enjoy.